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28th Year Anniversary!

Industrial Plastic Valves Company celebrates 28 years in business in 2020!

Our Promise!

Industrial Plastic Valves Company provides an avenue for commercial manufactures looking for a low cost alternative for the flow regulation of air, water, gases and mild corrosives. IPV has been manufacturing and distributing high quality, low cost general purpose solenoid valves for more than 20 years to commercial and O.E.M. customers. We carry a complete line of plastic bodied solenoid operated control valves from sizes 1/8" to 3". We offer a wide range of solenoid voltages, body style and seal materials as well as solenoid wiring configurations. Please review our PRODUCTS page where you will find a detailed description of our low flow, mid flow and high flow valve series. For additional information, specifications or if you have a specialized application, please CONTACT us.

Great Engineering!

The Industrial Plastic Valves product line of thermoplastic, brass and stainless steel general purpose solenoid valves were developed for precise control of water, oils, and other media. The valves are available in a continuous duty type designed for industrial and OEM applications.

All IPV valves have been subjected to thorough development and testing to prove their suitability for industrial control requirements. All valves are subjected to careful visual and testing inspection prior to shipment.

Plastic Materials

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the oldest synthetic thermoplastics. It has excellent resistance to aqueous solutions of acids, alkalis, salts and oils. Its fluid temperature range is to +120 °F. Its low cost, lightweight construction and good resistance to strong oxidizing agents make it a superior material for use in the industrial market.

NORYL GTX (PPE / PA) is a strong rigid plastic blend that provides low water absorption with a high heat resistance. It is an extremely chemically resistant material able to withstand automotive fuels, greases and oils. In addition, Noryl GTX resin is resistant to detergents, alcohols and alkaline chemicals. Its fluid temperature range is to +300 °F.

PP (Polypropylene) is generally better solvent resistant than PVC. It is one of the lightest plastics known and one of the most widely used. Because of the absence of nonhydrocarbon pendent groups, PP possesses a resistance to many corrosive chemicals that PVC cannot tolerate. The addition of glass fiber to polypropylene gives this thermoplastic extreme strength in any environment. Its working temperature is to +180 °F.


Buna-N (Nitrile Rubber) is superior to all other listed elastomers with regard to compression set, abrasion and tear resistance. It is recommended for general purpose sealing of water, silicone greases, petroleum oils and fluids. It offers a temperature range of 20 °F to +180 °F.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene) can withstand a variety of acids, alcohols and oxidizing chemicals. It is not however recommended for use with petroleum-based fluids. EPDM has a useful temperature range of 20 °F. to +250 degrees °F for most applications.

Viton (Fluoro Elastomer) has a wide range of chemical compatibility. It is recommended for most acid applications and the handling of hydrocarbons such a kerosene, gasoline and cleaning solvents. These chemicals would often cause Buna-N rubber to swell. Viton has a useful temperature range of 10 °F to +300 °F.


In our business of manufacturing and servicing automated vehicle wash systems we use numerous plastic solenoid valves. We have had a very good experience using IPV over the years to supply us with the product knowledge, inventory, and customer and service support. In this day and age of "I can get it on the internet" and catalog sales it is huge to be able to talk to someone that can help get you what you need for varying installation requirements.

Kelly Perkins - President Red Arrow Mfg. - www.redarrowmfg.com

We have been a customer of Industrial Plastic Valves for many years. We find their service to be excellent, prices fair and attention to order details unmatched.

Mike Colburn - Vice President & Chief Engineer Dime Water, Inc. - www.dimewaterinc.com